alEna pank-

a designer & brand strategist with a focus on digital mediums

folio (c) 2021

selected works


Visual & Web design

E-commerce experience for the first social marketplace for vintage furniture and decor. I helped codify Dendwell’s base design system and support their transition from a content to a commerce platform.


Visual design & creative direction

In this self-initiated project (as a part of my Web Design certification from Sochnik Design Thinking School) I partnered with a local brand Beatrice Holiday to create and design a new e-commerce experience for the shop.


freelance CREATIVE, multiple roles

Scribe is on a mission to disrupt the way we share and document processes. Currently working as a freelance designer with Scribe, I provide support to multiple teams (marketing, content, and customer success) to ensure Scribe's design system is uniform and accessible in the digital space. I've developed Scribe's current website with Webflow.


freelance CREATIVE, multiple roles

Medley is a group coaching platform that focuses on both personal and professional development. With Medley, I've worn many hats - from web design & development to social media graphics creation - I stepped in to make sure Medley's digital presence was well-rounded and recognizable no matter what app you're on.

Guzel Khos

web design + development

Guzel is a fellow West Coast creative for whom I designed & developed a brand new portfolio site – showcasing an appreciation for aesthetics, movement and light that she brings into her craft. Since launching it in January of this year, Guzel has been slaying it with a 200% increase in new client engagements, brought by her new website that captures her style, and, hands down, her innate ability to capture beauty.


web design + development

Monarch Landscape Companies is a full service landscape management company, formed through the merger of five longstanding companies. The goal of our project was to unify Monarch’s subsidiary companies under the umbrella of Monarch, create a visual style guide & website to facilitate engagement of existing and potential customers with the parent company.


web design + development

Mikhliné Beauty is a skincare, formulation, design and branding company that was looking to establish their brand in the digital space for the very first time. I worked with their team to create a unified style and digital presence to set up the foundation for the upcoming launch of their exclusive skincare product line, L’oumelle, that is going to revolutionize anti-aging growth factors skincare industry.