Objects that mean more

E-commerce experience for the social marketplace for vintage furniture and decor. I helped codify Dendwell’s base design system and support their transition from a content to a commerce platform.

We focused on reimagining vintage decor shopping as social – helping people discover, shop, share, and resell vintage decor in their style, while empowering a select class of vintage curators to build their brands.

  • Year: 2022

  • Services: UI- and Web Design

  • Development by Dendwell
    Project Lead / Strategy by Tenlie Mourning
  • Problem

  • How might we provide a unified shopping experience with each seller having a unique visual profile?

Traditional e-commerce shop typically operates from a single seller perspective, whereas with Dendwell we were envisioning a curated, yet flexible marketplace where we could onboard hundreds of vintage sellers and give them control over customizing their seller's page/profile.

I started off by defining the foundation for Dendwell's e-commerce experience with shaping how the Product Page, Shop All, Product Cards, Checkout, and global elements would look like.

The aesthetic decisions for the site were inspired by Dendwell's core visual identity, though, we wanted to significantly simplify the e-commerce bit, placing an emphasis on the products and making room for the sellers' creative interpretation of their shop.

  • Solution

  • It's more than just shopping.

The outcome of our work has received so much positive feedback from the sellers – we were stunned! My favorite part was creating an experience that's more than just shopping, but a space to learn about the history of each item, the beauty of vintage things, and the history behind each seller.

After the project's completion, the team carried on to develop the website internally, making changes to this concept as they saw fit based on the feedback from the users and sellers alike. Don't be a stranger, visit Dendwell.

Vintage shopping is something that you cannot fit into a box easily. It's about making the process of discovery fun. Just like entering a local thrift shop, curated by its owner, – we've attempted to recreate the feeling of a physical shop where you can get to know the person behind it.