Beatrice Holiday

From road to runway

In this self-initiated project (as a part of my Web Design certification from Sochnik Design Thinking School) I partnered with a local brand Beatrice Holiday to create and design a new e-commerce experience for the shop.

In collaboration with Guzel Khosnullina, we directed a custom photoshoot to support the aesthetics of the new identity and its core mission – reducing waste and creating fashion forward pieces with already existing materials.

  • Year: 2021

  • Services: Visual Design, Creative Direction

  • Photography/ Art Direction by Guzel Khosnullina
  • Process

  • Make compassion your fashion.

Before the creative process begins, I always try to learn as much as I can about the brand - how did it come about, what it stands for, and what it represents, so that I can think about the execution in the background. I then start off by creating a collection of references that serve as an inspiration for the project. In preparing the visual direction of the project, I analyze the visual language of the references and how these concepts could help reflect the character of the brand.

Because this project was largely driven by the content, I waited until the photography was done, to really start playing around with the color palette and typography.

The aesthetic decisions for this rebrand were largely inspired by the materials (repurposed bicycle parts) of the pieces and the story of the brand. The combination of sturdy materials like tubes and metal with the feminine nature of the pieces resulted in this edgy, yet fashionable look that I was hoping to achieve.

  • Takeaways

  • That's a wrap!

This was a great project for getting my feet wet in both creative direction and visual execution of a rebrand. I've learned so much from my mentors at Sochnik about the intricacies of typography and composition that went into the project. The process of organizing and co-directing a shoot with Guzel Khosnullina taught me new things about lighting, framing and product photography for digital mediums.

My favorite part about this project was taking on the initiative of directing and producing my own content that reflects the store's sustainability philosophy.